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To the attention of customers! From 01.01.2024, taking into account the increase in the base value to 40 Belarusian rubles, the cost of the provided services is changing:

- monitoring of cargo traffic using navigation devices (seals) - 400 Belarusian rubles.
- registration in the electronic queue system: for cargo transport and buses - 40 Belarusian rubles; for passenger transport and motorcycles - 12 Belarusian rubles.

Please note that the pre-payments made via AIS SSIS and WebPay are saved, but when registering in the electronic queue system of the waiting area from 00:00 01.01.2024 (from 09:00 01.01.2024 for WA Kozlovichi), an additional payment of the difference in proportion to the changed amount of the base value will be required. Payment is made directly at the checkpoint of the waiting area.